First Aid Kits, Reimagined

Not all first aid kits are created equal. 
The majority of kits you’ll find in stores or in online retailers will include items for very minor injuries. They have little more than adhesive bandages and gauze. These items will be useful for minor cuts and scrapes, but you will be ill-prepared when faced with major bleeding, penetrating wounds, bone breaks, allergic reactions, dehydration, etc.  An Everyday First Aid kit has you covered.  
Man using first aid kit
We’ve gone above and beyond the bare minimum so you’ll be better prepared when those emergencies arise. As we’ve always said, we’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. 
We are not only setting ourselves apart by the quality, but also the way you carry your kit. Our custom bag and pouch system allows you the freedom to move, change, expand, and transfer your kit to fit your needs. It’s first aid for YOUR everyday. 
What you get with Everyday First Aid:
  • Items to cover a wide variety of injuries and emergencies
    Woman with first aid kit backpack
  • Tools and gear used by the military and law enforcement
  • Hospital-grade quality
  • Top medical brands
  • The ability to expand or change your kit to suit your everyday needs
  • A quality, functional bag that allows you to carry your personal items
  • Kit contents videos that introduce you to your kit
  • Yearly reminders to check your kit for expired items
  • Weekly kit tips
  • Restock packs of the same top-quality items
  • A family-run company, not a corporation
  • Direct contact with the owners
  • Peace of mind
  • And more…
The Cardinal backpack with our Base first aid kit is a great place to start. Check out the details HERE. If you're looking for a more robust kit with more advanced lifesaving items, check out our Advanced kit HERE