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Why Everyday First Aid?

When you’re shopping for a first aid kit, there are lots of options.  Why choose an Everyday First Aid kit?

1. Everyday First Aid bags are not only a first aid kit, but a fully functional bag too.

When you buy an Everyday First Aid bag, you’re not JUST buying a quality first aid kit that is professionally assembled to cover you for a wide variety of emergencies.  You’re getting a first aid kit that is in a custom designed bag, with room for your personal items.  No more having to remember to pack the first aid kit.  No more leaving it in the car when you get to the park or go for a hike.  No more buried kit lost in the bottom of your bag.  You can have peace of mind knowing that if you have your bag that you carry all of your everyday items in, you also have the equipment inside it to save a life.  


2. Our kits are designed for a large number of emergencies. 

Everyday First Aid kits were designed with care by a US Special Forces Medic and a Tactical Medic, with the supervision of a mom. Because not all emergencies can be handled with a bandage and some ibuprofen, both levels of our kits contain items that are not commonly found in other “first aid kits”. Like a SAM splint for broken limbs or oral rehydration solution for dehydration, to name a few.


We only sell first aid kits that we would be comfortable carrying ourselves, because we do carry the exact same bags we sell on the website.     


3. We only use the highest quality items from top brands.  

When we designed our kits, we didn’t want to use unreliable equipment to make sure our kits fit within a certain price point.  We felt it was more important to provide our customers with the best supplies that we could, while keeping our kits as affordable as possible.  

Here are some of the brands that are in an Everyday First Aid kit:

  • Band-Aid

  • Advil 

  • SAM Medical

  • North American Rescue

  • DripDrop

  • QuikClot

  • SalJet Saline

  • After Bite

  • And more...

4. Our modular design means that you can rearrange or move your first aid kit between our platforms.  

In the dedicated first aid pocket of an Everyday First Aid bag you'll find removable pouches so you can set up your kit how it works best for you.  You'll also find the flexibility to purchase additional pouches to fill with extra first aid gear you might need.  It's first aid, your way.

With several other items being designed for production in the future, the Everyday First Aid lineup will allow you to purchase different bags, all with the ability to house your first aid kit.  Our bags are all designed with the ability to move your kit around in mind so you can always have your kit with you, no matter if you’re going on a family picnic to the park or going on a hiking trip.  Once you’ve purchased our custom designed pouches, they’ll work in any Everyday First Aid bag.  

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