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I’m Megan, owner and co-founder of Everyday First Aid. I’m also the wife of a tactical medic (Phil), homeschooling mom to two kids, and the dog-mom of a Puggle. 

Being the wife of a tactical medic I found myself a little jealous of Phil’s ever-ready preparedness. Yes, we have multiple large, well-stocked first aid kits at home, but they’re in bright orange, highly visible, stand-alone bags. Not exactly something I carry with me on a bike ride or to the park with my kids. I wanted what Phil had on the job, but built for everyday. Not a kit I had to remember to throw in my bag or car (which then gets left in the car or buried in a bag), but a kit that was built into the bag I already carry. I wanted not only a quality kit, but the functionality to set it up how it worked for me and my family, for OUR everyday emergencies.


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Hi, I'm Phil, Megan's husband and co-founder of Everyday First Aid. Before starting Everyday First Aid, I was researching first aid kits for my family and was shocked at what passed for a "first aid kit". As a tactical medic, I wanted supplies in my kit that would actually make a difference when I needed them. I also wanted it in a bag that allowed me to not only carry a quality first aid kit, but everything else I carry daily. This product wasn't on the market, so we decided to create it ourselves and our Cardinal first aid backpack was born. Our future product lines will be adapted to fit a broad number of tasks, but will have one common feature: quality first aid kits with the supplies you need to help people out in an actual emergency.  

If you have questions about any of our products, suggestions for future product releases or just want to say hi, drop us a line at support@everydayfa.com.  Thanks for stopping by!