The Everyday First Aid base first aid kit is an essential item for any home or workspace. This high quality wrap contains comprehensive first aid supplies to treat minor and major injuries. It provides quick and easy access to the medical supplies you need when accidents occur. Stay prepared with the base first aid kit.


Triangular bandage (1)

Flat duct tape, 2" x 8' (1)

Elastic bandage, 3" (1)

SAM Splint 4" x 36" (1)

Instant ice pack (1)



1x3 bandages (15)

2x4 bandages (4)

Fingertip bandages (2)

Knuckle bandages (4)

Knee/Elbow bandages (2)

2x2 gauze, 2 pack (4)

4x4 gauze, 2 pack (4)

Compressed gauze 5" x 4.1 yards(1)

Wound closure strips, 6 strips (1)

Skin adhesive (1) 



Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 0.9g pkt. (3)

Burn Gel, 3.5g pkt. (2)

After Bite, 0.5oz stick (1)

Lip Balm, 0.15oz tube (1)

Sunscreen, 7g pkt. (2)  



Diphenhydramine, 25mg (4)

Acetaminophen 2 pack, 500mg each (2)

Ibuprofen 2 pack, 200mg each (2)

Antacid 2 pack, 420mg each (4)



Moleskin, 2" x 2" (1)

BZK wipes (4)

Hand sanitizing wipes (2)

Metal tweezers (1)

Rehydration powder (2)

Large nitrile gloves (2 pair)

Emergency blanket (1)

CPR shield (1)

Trauma shears (1)

Saline wash vials, 30mg each (2)

Glow stick (1)

First aid guide (1)

Hand Warmers (2)

Product brands may vary based on availability.

Our modular pouches allow you to move your kit between different platforms if needed.

Designed to roll open, so you can easily see what is in your kit.

Red carry handle helps you find your kit when you need it.

Velcro backing on top allows you to attach your own patch, or one of ours.

Clear window on first aid pouches allows for easy viewing of supplies.  

Eligible for purchase with most HSA/FSA accounts (contact your plan's provider for details).

Kits assembled in the USA.

Size:  10.5"W x 7"H x 6.5"D

Weight (with first aid kit): 2lb, 9oz

**By purchasing an Everyday First Aid product, you acknowledge that you have been trained or will seek out training in the use of the items included in the product/kit.  Everyday First Aid is not responsible for the results of the misuse of any products.**

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